Jo Wilkins: Work Placement at Sage Gateshead

Jo Wilkins at Sage Gateshead

Week 1, 7th January 2015

Managed to make it in on time; my first meeting with Debbie Little was thwarted by a falling tree.  Debbie gave me a guided tour and loads of information about Sage: the building, its history management and a whole load more that I can't possibly remember.  Debbie also gave me my timetable for the next 11 weeks.  I'm looking forward to it and I'm very excited.

Week 2, 14th January 2015

When I got to the Welcome desk I couldn't remember Debbie's first name I called her Carol Little the young man I spoke to said we don't have an American called Carol Little working here but there is a Debbie Little (sorry about that Debbie).  Here we go again with names I think he was called Steven but I can't remember SORRY... Who give me an overview of the facilities role basically the team makes sure that all the right equipment goes into the right rooms at the right time.  There's a list with everything on it and it means sometimes you're juggling things to make sure everything is in its place.  I had a great time just trying to work out where the rooms are there are 26 rooms down in the Music Education Centre MEC.  Lovely guy who showed me the ropes and he still speaks to me when I come to Streetwise Opera on Tuesdays. 

Jo with Customer Experience team member Susan Cable

Week 3, 21st January 2015

Now this guy could have been called Paul George or Geoff again names are not my strong point. Sorry again.  Doing the list again the following week seemed much easier but I was having trouble remembering the names of the different chairs there are however VIP chairs which are built for comfort and have removable arms, banqueting chairs these can be stacked as well locked together and orchestral chair which are ideal for playing musical instruments on as they are the right height.  Tables have tops and skirts which look very nice once dressed.  I kind of know where most things are now apart from the staff room I've been twice and I still don't know what floor it's on...

Week 4, 28th January 2015

Early years
The group leader is called Lora I know this as I've been there twice so I remember.  My first session was with the 0 to 5s they were great we sang different songs played percussion instruments bells shakers and ducks. The parents enjoyed watching their children enjoying themselves and it was a really nice relaxed place to be.  The second session was with the under ones when we began singing the children were hypnotised, mesmerised by the songs sounds colours and lights it was lovely to watch and so relaxed.

Week 5, 4th February 2014

Early Years and Silver Divas
I went back to the Early Years under ones session again and again it was very relaxed the children and parents enjoyed themselves we got the drums out this time which went down a treat. I got to take my shoes off this time lovely place to be.  The afternoon session was at Gateshead Old Town Hall fondly know as GOTH where I sat in with Emily who leads the Silver Divas' group of around 50/60 members.  Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.  Emily suggested that I do the warm up but I declined.  It is a very lively group which sing songs from theatre and film.  One and a half hours was packed with nonstop practice but it sounded great.

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