Hazel Gould's highlights for To the Silkwood Tree

Costume design for the Traveller by Emma and Giuseppe Belli

It's only three days until the Streetwise Opera Nottingham performers take to the stage for our second Little Opera, To the Silkwood Tree. Composed by John Barber and exploring a Traveller's journey to an unknown destination, To the Silkwood Tree will be performed at 8:30pm on Saturday 16 May at the Nottingham Contemporary. The performance is followed by a live music set from 'innovative pop experimentalists' Firefly Burning.

"What's really exciting is that there are snippets of text and music embedded in the piece that came directly from the Streetwise Opera performers," says To the Silkwood Tree Writer/Director Hazel Gould. "There's a real mixture of ideas directly from workshops we did with the group, and what John Barber and I have built around them, using the ideas as starting points for our own artistic voices. The opera brings together the creativity of artists at different stages."

Hazel's To the Silkwood Tree highlight is an aria entitled 'Travel with me'. The first part was written by the group, and then John Barber orchestrated it and added the second half. "It's really beautiful. I also love it when the cast sings a two-part harmony and there are lots of lovely solo lines for the Villagers when they first meet the Traveller.

"It's great that we're working with a live band - Firefly Burning - and it will be fascinating to see how their sound translates between the two different environments - as part of To the Silkwood Tree and then afterwards in the Cafe Bar. The costume designs [by Emma and Giuseppe Belli] are beautiful too. I'm really looking forward to seeing everything come together onstage."

Tickets for To the Silkwood Tree are sold out but there may be a few tickets available on the door on a first-come-first-served basis. Tickets on the door will be very limited, but anyone not able to watch To the Silkwood Tree will be able to stay for the Firefly Burning live music from 9:30pm. Click here to read the synopsis for To the Silkwood Tree.

Image: costume design for the Traveller by Emma and Giuseppe Belli