ENO's Siren Song

London Explore Group member Kim Rodway writes about performing in English National Opera’s women-only Siren Song project earlier this year:

I was one of the Streetwise members to take part in a recent ENO production. It was fulfilling to be part of Siren Song, an adaption of Partenope.

I enjoyed seeing the show coming together. We created the lyrics and melodies with the help of Jess, our musical director. We each had some dialogue including various descriptions of a group of women, such as a ‘multitude of women’. We also had a word to describe our character, such as ‘gentle’.

It was informative to work with Pat Bardon who played Arsace in Partenope at the London Coliseum. I have worked with ENO before, but made some new friends. It was educational to work with people from diverse backgrounds including the Mulberry group [parents of pupils from Mulberry School for Girls].

It was a women’s project, following a men’s project by ENO last year. We were given CDs so that we could go and do our homework to learn the songs. Our amazing director was Hazel Gould, who I’ve worked with before. She was calm, focused and came up with lots of ideas for us to try out.

It was a very interesting and pleasant experience. I hope there will be more opportunities like this.

Photo: Sarah Ainslie / ENO