Funders and supporters, thank you

Principal funders

Principal corporate supporter and With One Voice founder funder

With One Voice founder funder

Streetwise Opera and With One Voice supporters

With thanks to:

Arts Council England, Manchester City Council, Mayoral Fund for Greater Manchester, Middlesbrough Town Hall, City Bridge Trust, The Dulverton Trust, Enterprise Grants Programme, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, The Foyle Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation, Henry Smith Foundation, MariaMarina Foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, 29th May 1961 Charity, Fidelio Charitable Trust, Granada Foundation, Hyde Park Place Estate Charity, Laing Family Trusts, Monday Charitable Trust, PRS for Music Foundation, RVW Trust, Sir James Knott Trust, Streetsmart, Taurus Foundation, Tyne & Wear Community Foundation, Westminster Amalgamated Charity, Westminster Foundation, Hadrian Trust, Hinrichsen Foundation, Homeless Link Awards, J.N. Derbyshire Trust, Leche Trust, Macfarlane Walker Trust, Manchester Guardian Society Charitable Trust, Prince of Wales Charitable Trust, R K Charitable Trust, Samuel Gardner Memorial Trust, Tobit Trust, William Webster Trust

Legacy Donations:

In gracious memory of and with thanks to the Estate of Sir Charles and Lady Mackerras

In memory of David Vinall

With thanks also to our current Champions, Supporters and Friends:

Champions – Ursula Jones

Supporters –  Nicholas Berwin, Anne Siddell, Duncan Bruce, Alison Diamond, Elizabeth Dobson, R. Hobbs, Lee McLernon, Alix De Mauny, Matt Peacock

Friends – T. G. Hudson, Patricia and John Glasswell, Becca Arnold, Olive Stadler, Clive Barda, Anita Bruce, Mick Connell, Rachel Engel, Les and Vera Goldman, Chrissy Kinsella, Francois Matarasso, Tom Mansfield

and all those who wish to remain anonymous

We would also like to thank all of those organisations and individuals who have generously supported our 2019 Opera Hour series.

Founder Members:
Zillah Brench, Elizabeth Dobson, FM Dobson, Lyn Feldschreiber, Ellen and Robert Fleming, Jonathan Gaisman QC, Tim Geddes, Loren Geeting, Thomas Gray, Paul Howell and Kenneth Richardson, Anmarie and Brian Jackson, Ursula Jones, Ash Khandekar, Miss Rosalind M Leney, Melanie and Kennan Michael, Rebecca Stevenson, and Anna Thicknesse