Immortalise your love letters in our next opera

Streetwise Opera, in partnership with Royal Northern Sinfonia, Sage Gateshead, Changing Lives, ReCoCo and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, will be creating a new opera for April 2018 based on love in Tyneside.

The opera will feature music and stories associated with love drawn from Tyneside over the last 100 years and will be given its world premiere at Sage Two on 14 April 2018.

We are reaching out to the public to send us love stories and anecdotes from a range of events and Tyneside culture from 1917-2017. We are interested in personal stories that could be funny, moving, inspiring, touching or heart-breaking – the stories could be about the love of one person or group of people or something about Tyneside itself.

Here is a list of events/culture we are looking into:

- Love stories from World War One
- Music hall shows and the music hall tradition
- Mining – stories about mining, the closure of the mines and the Miner’s Strike
- Jarrow March – stories of love, kindness and sacrifice
- Tuxedo princess – stories of love, romance and hardcore partying on ‘The boat’
- The Tube – fun and wild stories of love from the iconic 1980s pop show
- Modern love stories – including internet dating, high school prom nights/hiring limousines

Please submit stories to by midnight on 10 October 2017. Make sure to include your name and telephone number.

For more information, call 020 7730 9551. Please note that by sending in your love story, you are consenting for it to be used for the above purposes.

We look forward to being intrigued, inspired and surprised by your submissions!