Streetwise Opera has a vibrant programme in Manchester, with two weekly workshop programmes and regular performances in the area. We work in partnership with the Booth Centre, where our Drop-in Group is based, and Opera North.

4 March - Crowdfunding success!

19 February 2013

Our crowdfunding campaign has exceeded the target.

Anna Meredith has created a new piece for our new production

Anna Meredith's blog

18 February 2013

Composer Anna Meredith talks about her new comission for The Answer to Everything

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Contact us

For general and workshop enquiries, please use the following details or complete the contact form below:
Telephone: 020 7730 9551

For press and media enquiries, please contact Rey Trombetta on or 020 7730 9551.

Take Part

Join our workshops in London, Manchester, Newcastle/Gateshead, Nottingham and Teesside

Our impact

Our work improves wellbeing and increases social inclusion for some of the country's most vulnerable and socially excluded people.

Our history

In 2000, a resident of the Passage (a homeless night shelter) read out a quote from a politician in the newspaper, saying that 'the homeless are the people you step over coming out of the Opera House'.

The comment made some people angry whilst others saw it as an opportunity - if homeless people were in an opera it would challenge the public's attitude to homelessness. It would shine the spotlight on achievement rather than need and turn stigma into celebration.

Support us

Help us to improve wellbeing and increase social inclusion for people who have experienced homelessness

About us

Streetwise Opera is an award-winning charity that uses music to help people make positive changes in their lives. Working with people who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness we run workshop programmes across England and stage critically-acclaimed operas.

Our productions platform the skills of our performers in a professional arena, showing that whatever life throws at them, they can achieve great things. Underpinning these, our workshop programme offers a dependable source of creativity in lives where everything else can be changing.