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RT @PeoplesPalaceUK: @StreetwiseOpera @CGF_UK @BritishMusic_ Likewise ;)) we're feeling blessed to be a part of this journey.
3 hours 45 min ago

Past productions

Image by David Caines

'The River Keeper'


This was my first opera and I thought the performers and musicians were all fantastic – it takes courage to stand on stage

Audience member

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The Answer to Everything



The satire was broad, the passion tangible as professional and amateur performers from London, Newcastle, Gateshead and Middlesbrough, many of them with experience of homelessness, explored the dreamworlds of corporate delegates, cleaners and health and safety managers.

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The Indepedent on Sunday, Anna Picard

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With One Voice


The first time that homeless people have been given a platform at an Olympic Games.

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Fables - A Film Opera



A joyful event

Daily Telegraph

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My Secret Heart artwork

My Secret Heart



Mesmersing… inspired and inspiring.

Erica Jeal, The Guardian

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Critical Mass



Refined theatricality… electrifying… great theatre.

Evening Standard

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An impassioned performance from the homeless and ex-homeless cast

Independent on Sunday

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Rückert Lieder



Streetwise Opera teases, surprises, takes risks, and tackles the unexpected… it sends you home enriched.

The Independent

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Time Flows



There is abundant testimony to the wonders Streetwise Opera has worked

Evening Standard

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A Ceremony of Carols



Astonishing and memorable... Invisible people, seen and heard centre-stage.

New York Times

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The Canticles at Westminster Abbey, 2002

The Canticles



Truly awe-inspiring... Musically the performances were superb.

The Times

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