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Image by David Caines

'The River Keeper'


This was my first opera and I thought the performers and musicians were all fantastic – it takes courage to stand on stage

Audience member

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The Answer to Everything


From streets to stage... an opera with a difference.

The Northern Echo

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With One Voice


The first time that homeless people have been given a platform at an Olympic Games.

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Fables - A Film Opera



The mix of skilled professionals and characterful amateurs... live performance and video, is fascinating.

The Times

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My Secret Heart artwork

My Secret Heart



Reminding us that we turn our backs on the homeless.

Evening Standard

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Critical Mass



Relevant, intelligent, touching, powerful... A tremendous achievement.

The Independent

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An impassioned performance from the homeless and ex-homeless cast

Independent on Sunday

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Rückert Lieder



A vivid reimagining of Mahler’s songs.

The Guardian

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Time Flows


This is a tale…about how one fleeting moment of grace can make the kind of community art that purists sneer at into something of equal aesthetic and social value.

Independent on Sunday

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A Ceremony of Carols



Enjoyable and deeply moving.

Opera Now

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The Canticles at Westminster Abbey, 2002

The Canticles



A witty, brave, imaginative evening.

Independent on Sunday

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