'The River Keeper'

Streetwise Opera’s Little Opera Season

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Double bill

The River Keeper
A new opera by Bridie Jackson and Nell Leyshon


Bridie Jackson and The Arbour

The River Keeper has lived on the bank of the river for 100 years, watching as people feed their hopes and dreams in to the temperamental waters. Cast out by the townspeople and kept captive by the river, she longs to be freed from her lonely life.

This poignant and darkly humorous tale is created from stories told by the Streetwise Performers to writer Nell Leyshon (author of The Colour of Milk and other novels), director Annie Rigby (of Unfolding Theatre) and composer Bridie Jackson (of Bridie Jackson and The Arbour).

Bridie’s atmospheric music weaves through a timeless story inspired by real life stories of hope. Her fabulous folk band will play the first half of the evening, setting the scene for The River Keeper.

The first of three 30-minute operas in Streetwise Opera Little Opera Season 2014-15, The River Keeper will leave you inspired, uplifted and maybe even a little more hopeful too.

Wednesday 10 December
Main Hall
Gateshead Old Town Hall
£10, £7

Tuesday 16 December
The Crypt at Middlesbrough Town Hall
7.30pm (doors open at 7.00pm)
£10, £7
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Libretto - Nell Leyshon
Composer - Bridie Jackson
Director - Annie Rigby
Musical Director - Simon Fidler
Performers - Streetwise Opera North East and Bridie Jackson and The Arbour

Image by David Caines

Image by David Caines

Bridie Jackson and The Arbour

Bridie Jackson and The Arbour