Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all Streetwise Opera workshops and events are cancelled until further notice. As a charity with wellbeing and social inclusion at its heart, we will continue to support Streetwise Opera performers with creativity and connection online and by phone. Find out more about our daily live-streamed singing sessions here. Do follow us on social media for updates, and meanwhile we wish you all well in these challenging times.


Roderick Williams and Streetwise Opera join forces for After Winter, an immersive retelling of Schubert’s Winter Journey with new music and words by Errollyn Wallen.

As we sit at the table, ready to share a meal, a stranger arrives. He sings of loss and despair. Join us in welcoming and bringing joy to this lone traveller, in a unique immersive experience where music, food and people come together to push the boundaries of what opera can be.

“Streetwise Opera combines social purpose with serious artistic endeavor, collaborating with major figures from the music world. The results are almost always powerful, moving and productive, illuminating the material in ways that a professional performance might not.”
— The New York Times

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Streetwise Sessions aim to inspire and energise people affected by homelessness through online singing
30 March 2020
"At Streetwise Opera, everyone is a star"
13 March 2020
Opera Hour Teesside 2019 IMG_0102 - Photo Rey Trombetta
"We feel nervous stepping out of our comfort zone, but we do it together"
9 March 2020

“At the time that I have nothing, I still have my artistry. I still have my creativity. I still have my talent. And if that’s going to get me from homelessness to where I need to be, then I’m going to hone that, and Streetwise Opera is the perfect place for that.”

— Streetwise Opera performer

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“Great show! We laughed, we cried, we sang along, we did some 70s moves, we saw the meaning of life…. everything you want from opera.”
— Abigail Pogson, Managing Director, Sage Gateshead

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Streetwise Opera is an award-winning performing arts charity for people affected by homelessness. We run a programme of regular creative workshops in homeless centres and arts venues in five regions across England. We are also a critically-acclaimed opera company, and the people who take part in our workshops create and perform in extraordinary new productions working alongside exceptional professional artists..

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